The glass fiber cloth products produced by the company are mainly used in copper clad laminate, mobile phone, aerospace, IT, wind power generation, insulation materials and other industries

Ripe technology innovation system constantly develop new products, not only promote economic growth and promote the development of the product market.

The company has developed into a modern international glass fiber enterprise with an income of 10 billion yuan by means of increasing technological innovation, adjusting product structure, developing deep processing, extending industrial chain, and mergers and acquisitions at home and abroad

About us

      The company will continue the "Adjustment of product structure, and enhance competitiveness, internationalization" development strategy, by strengthening the technical renovation and adjustment of product structure, develop deep processing, stretched industrial, domestic and foreign mergers and acquisitions and other measures, will forge a ten billion yuan income of the modernization of the national fiberglass thriving enterprise, and realize the great-leap-forward development of Shandong Classic.



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