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Recruitment information

       Due to the expansion of 5G low-medium electronic fabric project, we are sincerely looking for people with lofty ideals from all walks of life in the industry to create a better future. We are in urgent need of the following talents:

I. Requirements

       Good health, good ideological quality, law-abiding, good at learning and willing to drill, can quickly master technical operation.

II. Job types

    1, foreign trade business staff 10 bachelor degree under 40 years old, proficient in English;

    2. 5 engineers under 30 years old;Chemical engineering, material, textile, electronic and electrical engineering degree;

    3, many operating positions without educational requirements of 18- 45 years old

Block worker, maintenance worker, hanging machine falling cloth worker, reed connecting warp worker, pendulum pipe worker.

III. Salary

    1, foreign trade business personnel, technical engineers according to the actual work experience negotiable.

    2, operator post internship 3000 yuan (generally 1-3 months) internship period according to the output salary 3000-8000 yuan, piecework, work        more, not capped, internship expires to sign the labor contract, pay social insurance (five insurance)

Accommodation life: free work meals, free accommodation, accommodation apartment.


First-class companies need excellent you, let us work together to create a better tomorrow!


Registration telephone: 86-533-2349978

Mobile phone: 86-17753301162    86-15653355718

Registration Address: No. 1 qingyuan Road, Gaoqing County (North of Qingyuan Road)